Resources for Parents

Balancing the demands of family, friends, career and other interests is a day-to-day challenge that most parents face. Building and maintaining a happy, fulfilling life for yourself and your loved ones and fitting all of your roles into an already busy schedule may sometimes seem like an impossible goal.

Because parents are the stewards of their children's well-being, it is critical to have the knowledge and tools necessary to make the best decisions possible concerning your family's health. Here are some resources to help you keep your family healthy. Be sure to check this page regularly; new information is added every week!

Helping your Child''s Mind

Children spend a good part of every day being told what to do, so it's no surprise when they don't always comply. One way to help your child respond better is to give good instructions.

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Teens & Screens

Spending too much time sitting still in front of a screen can have negative consequences for your child's physical fitness and social skills, as well as your family life. Here are some tips for reducing screen time in your family.

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Healthy Snacks

When the kids are hungry, but it's not time to eat, offer them one of these healthy and easy snacks. Each one has 100 or fewer calories.

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Become a Heart Attack Hero!

By educating them about the early signs, children will be armed with the knowledge to know how to handle a situation if a parent, caregiver or another adult begins to show signs or symptoms of a heart attack.

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We Never Outgrow our Need to Play

For your child, play is a source of happiness. And although it may look like fun with no purpose, playing actually prepares children for a complex social world.

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