Quality & Safety

Patient Safety & Quality of Care

Patients who walk through our doors are trusting us for their care, and it is our responsibility to provide their care in the safest manner possible. To fulfill that commitment, the staff is dedicated to continuously measuring and improving our performance. Their leadership role in making improvements includes:

  • Introducing and implementing innovative new technology  and best practices
  • Improving existing processes
  • Implementing The Joint Commission’s annual National Patient Safety Goals throughout the hospital
  • Ensuring that our approach to organizational excellence is in keeping with our mission, vision and values

Be an Informed Consumer

The Hoops Family Children's Hospital is dedicated to delivering high-quality health care. We regularly update and report our statistics to the appropriate organizations so that you can be an informed healthcare consumer. Our performance metrics and quality reports can be found here:

  • HealthGrades: a national database with quality reports on hospitals and physicians
  • Quality Check : the Joint Commission’s database on hospital quality

Our Standards

While comparing the Hoops Family Children's Hospital to national averages is helpful, we also set internal goals and compare our progress with hospitals in the top 10% in the nation. Comparing ourselves with the best offers us the best opportunity to provide our patients with the care they deserve.

Honors & Recognition

Every parent wants what's best for their child, and the staff of Hoops Family Children's Hospital works hard to provide excellent care for kids. Along the way, we have earned recognition and affiliations that honor and encourage us in our mission.